TVL-Toeleveringsbedrijf Van Landuyt Kalkensteenweg 21b, 9230 Wetteren (Belgium) +32(0)9/369.46.22

TVL is an expert in the machining of forgings and castings for trucks, buses, train parts, machines, compressors, etc.

TVL Van Landuyt is specialized in CNC Turning, CNC Milling, 3D Measuring, ... from 25 to 5,000 pieces per year

We can provide the full material flow for our customers. This includes the purchase of raw material, painting, thermal treatments, finishing, assembly, washing and packaging, storage in an automatic warehouse and delivery according to the wishes of the customer (JIT, sequence, canban, etc.).

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Making a piece of Egyptian desert fertile

Making a piece of Egyptian desert fertile

TVL is supporting a project whose goal is to make a small piece of the Egyptian desert fertile. The first step is to level the ground with a bulldozer, and then cover this piece of land with black fertile soil. Secondly, a 120 m pipe is drilled to ensure the water supply. Finally, a solar […]

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